Change Request

Upgrade/Downgrade Membership

Any change to your Sports Club membership is to be submitted in writing. 


Membership Upgrade

As part of the membership agreement, changes in membership are limited to one change per twelve months.   If you upgrade your membership, you agree to pay the prevailing membership upgrade fee.  The prevailing dues rate at the time of the membership change will apply. 


Membership Downgrade

Downgrades from an All-Inclusive membership to any other level of membership will have to wait 12-months to be eligible to return to the All-Inclusive level of membership. 


If you choose to downgrade your Club membership, I agree to submit my request, in writing via mail, this webform, email (memberrelations@cincinnatisportsclub.com) or fax (513.527.5030) at least 30 days in advance on or before the 1st or 15th of the month prior to the month I wish to resign. (For example, if I wish to resign any date from September 1st -14th, the Club must receive written resignation by the 1st of August. If I wish to resign on any date from September 15th-30th, the Club must receive written resignation by the 15th of August). If I am unable to meet the deadline, I agree to accept the responsibilities of membership for the extra month.

If you downgrade your membership, there will be no membership downgrade fee, nor will you receive refund of any portion of the joining fee.